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Roy Orbison Stamp

This is from http://www.rockabillyhall.com/RABnewscom.html

From Barbara Orbison ...

Dear Friends,

I am actively petitioning the US Postal Service to issue a stamp for my husband, Roy Orbison in honor of what would have been his 70th Birthday. This is a grass roots campaign from my heart and I am calling on everyone that loved Roy and his music.

In political circles, the petition I have circulating the US House of Representatives is nearly complete including a personal letter of support from the President of the United States!

I have an on-line petition which now has over several thousand names and I want to thank all the people who have taken the time to VOTE FOR ROY.

And now…I am asking you TODAY…to please VOTE FOR ROY by simply clicking on the below link, scroll down and then click on to sign petition and join some of Roy’s friends like Olivia Harrison, Bono, Will Jennings, Dan Aykroyd, Pamela Anderson and many others.

Thank you for your vote and thank you for forwarding this request to all of your friends.

All my Love,
Barbara Orbison

Follow the link at www.royorbison.com to send a letter of support to our nation’s leaders in Washington urging the creation of a commemorative US stamp honoring the lifetime achievements of Roy Orbison, a true American music icon.
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